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Mosquito Control

Great for one time service, outdoor weddings, parties, holiday cookouts, and outdoor family gatherings.


Clermont Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator safely protects your property, family, and pets from pain inflicting mosquitoes and the dangers of their viruses, including Zika, and West Nile. Florida's mild and humid climate is conducive to mosquito proliferation year around. Clermont Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator offers several options for your family and home.

We have a One Time or Special Event Plan that ensures mosquitoes won’t ruin your special day. Perfect for protecting outdoor events such as weddings, family outdoor cookouts, graduation parties or other events. Our intense treatment provides protection from mosquitoes through the day and night of you event.

Additionally, we have several convenient ongoing treatment plans to choose from. Clermont Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator targets areas around your property where mosquitoes live and breed. Our intense mosquito treatment leaves your property mosquito free and gives your family peace of mind from the dangers of pesky mosquitoes pose

Our four treatment plan is available after August 1st and is a great late season investment to protect your family and pets from pesky disease carrying mosquitoes. Call us! We’ll be happy to help you take back your yard.

Our six treatment plan is available year around and offers protection for your family and pets from annoying and disease carrying mosquitoes for the majority of the season.

Our most requested plan offers optimum protection and peace of mind through spring, summer, and fall. Protecting your family and pets from dangerous mosquitoes and the diseases they carry has never been so easy.

*Payment is required upon initial Service of Plan

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Clermont Pest Control and Bed Bug Exterminator stands alone in delivering safe, effective, organic pest control and is pleased and thankful to serve many loyal customers!

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